Surface Guardian Inc. is a company that specializes in sealants and coatings for various surfaces . We can provide you with solutions that would otherwise be unavailable to you when refurbishing or renovating your home or office. Our products and services are unique to our company, which is our biggest strength.


We presently offer 14 different  resin and water based sealants and coatings, that can be used to treat over 150  surfaces made of both porous and non-porous materials.

Surface Guardian can be used on many surfaces

Our products are suitable for use not just in homes, but also in commercial and industrial setups. They are equally effective on both new or used surfaces. New surfaces are easier and faster to coat since they will not have smudges or spots. Used surfaces might require more effort to coat, as they will first have to be cleaned thoroughly and prepared for coating. This ensures that the sealant sticks well and last longer. Our coating will give new life to old furniture and appliances, not to mention the cost savings you will reap, owing to the better protected surfaces.

Our team

Surface Guardian as a company has a vision that focuses on:

• Knowledge
• Professionalism
• Honesty


Our founder uses his knowledge and background in Chemistry to personally formulate, test and fine tune all the products we offer. He takes personal interest and care in the service and product offerings of the company to ensure that they meet the high quality standards. Our dedication to our vision ensures that our customers are satisfied, so much so that they refer our products and srevices to their family and friends.
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About Us

Surface Guardian is a Saint Louis based company that deals with surface protection products and services. We service homes and business in and around the area. Our aim is to satisfy customers with our product and service offerings such that they keep coming back to us and talk to others about our work.